New Items! Check back often for new products!
New Items! Check back often for new products!
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Your Craft BBQ Supply Shop

Blue Wagon BBQ strives to carry the most flavorful craft sauces, seasonings, rubs, and glazes that the USA has to offer. The products we showcase will be items you will not find in your big box stores (with the exception of the items local area). We are always looking for new products from across the USA. We are adding new products often. We always have our eyes out for new vendors and sample their products. Every item that is carried on the website is tested on many different items to ensure the flavor is there for many types of food. Check back often to see what may be added. Follow us on social media outlets as well. Links at bottom of page.  

Feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have. If you have any products you're interested in let me know also. 

Thank you for supporting Blue Wagon BBQ and we look forward to serving you the greatest flavors from across the country! 

About Us

Growing up in rural Central Illinois along with living near St. Louis, MO for 5 years and now living in the Tampa, FL area,  I have grown to love grilling, BBQ and anything that has to do with outdoor cooking. Whether you love your gas grill, charcoal, wood chunk smoker or wood pellet smoker there is something about being outside and making the neighborhood smell great. I have always liked trying new items that you cannot find just anywhere. Places I would go I would try to find small, local craft BBQ products. Everywhere across the country has different flavor features from Carolina Mustard to Sweet St. Louis. That is what inspired me to bring all these flavors to one spot, right here at Blue Wagon BBQ. I want everyone to have a quick place that you can go where you can check out these products and purchase flavors from across the USA. I am always up for new suggestions for products to try. Our goal is to bring a product on board from EVERY state in the USA! Thank you all for your support and grill on!